Belize Map. Garifuna Flag. African Fabric.

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Custom Belize Map Applique

Ankara/ Dutch wax is known for it's vibrant patterns. The people of Belize are known for thier vibrant personality to match the Ankara Fabric. All fabric used for shirts have a fabric adhesive added first before its reienforced by machines sewing to ensure your shirt looks brand new even after the 100th wash.


Commitment To Quality

Are you tired of terrible designs on great quality shirts? Design should never be a compromise, We guarantee durability and the freedom to customize. We want you to enjoy our designs for years to come. 


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

While shopping Mer's want you to be completely happy with the experience of finding your favorite Belize Map t-shirts . If you have questions about customizations of your graphic tees , our products, large orders or even shipping, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come. NEW STYLES ADDED DAILY!

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