Belize Orders

Every Month

Mer's Designs will take t-shirt orders every month. You can fill out the form below to make your order. 

When will you get your order?

Mer's Designs will take t-shirt orders all month long. We send orders at the end of every month and the orders are delivered via Tropic Air Cargo after the 15th of each month. 

Ask about group discount

If you are ordering more than 5 shirts at once we will give a group discount. 

Custom t shirts Customers in Belize

What can we make for you?

Order Help

Mer's Designs is striving to be more accessible to you in Belize. 

- In the message box above be sure to include: SHIRT SIZE, SHIRT COLOR, GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION  

- All order forms will be reviewed within 24 hrs. and a response will be sent via email with your order total. 

- Order must be paid within 3 days or order will be canceled.  ( Payment information will be sent via email once order is accepted and inventory is verified.) 

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Thank You Mer's Designs